2012 International Photo Contest Winners

Theme - Culture: Language, Symbols, Customs, and Traditions

Tales from Tikina - Fiji

First Place

Tales from Tikina

Alexandria Warneke



Maintaining a culture rich in tribal customs, the Fijian people have relied on their lands and adjacent seas for over a millennia. With this direct connection to the environment, they take from the sea only what they need to sustain, an ancient lesson worth taking to heart.


Forbidden City Bride

Second Place

Forbidden City Bridge

Gwyndolyn James



In China, weddings symbolize the union of two families. Such a monumental celebration includes extravagant photography and banquets. Traditional bridal gowns are red: symbolizing good luck and joy. As a student studying Meeting and Event Management, I am thankful to experience different culture's special event rituals.


Tree of Nazar, Cappadocia, Turkey

Third Place

Tree of Nazar Cappadocia

Linda Duling



In Turkish culture, the evil eye symbol, called the Nazar, is used to protect against the evil eye which is a look that can cause injury or bad luck. I noticed this tree outside of the underground cities perhaps to ward off invaders.


2013 Cellular Traditions Gulangyu Island Xiamen

Honorable Mention

Brazilian Capoeira in Salvador

Shaan Couture



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art invented by slaves in the 16th century. With rebellion in mind, slaves practiced fighting, but to avoid alarming any suspicion, they made it look like they were dancing. During a solidarity action in a slum, kids showed their appreciation by sharing their skills.