2013 International Photo Contest Winners

 Theme - Modernity Meets Tradition: Images of cultural artifacts or activities such as ceremonies, festivals, local customs, etc., that reflect a connection between past and present.

Tonle Sap Survival Floating Boat

First Place

Tonle Sap Survival Floating Boat

MyMy Pham



This picture was taken at a Poor Vietnamese Floating Village in Cambodia of a boy taking his brother to school on a Floating Boat fully made out of foams. It just to show you how creative and original humans can be when it comes to surviving in a modern world.


2013 Peace within the chaos India

Second Place

2013 Peace within the Chaos

Anna Salvador



Along this road, you experience bustling crowds and chaos, but one step in either direction places you within an ancient palace and a large mosque. These centers of peace are being split down the center by modern India, a bustling marketplace. The combination of old and new, coexisting seamlessly.


2013 Parasol Back to the Future England

3rd Place

2013 Parasol Back To The Future

Mikaela Samuels



Located in London's most renowned food market since the 13th century, umbrellas hang, fashioning a twist between London's infamous dull, rainy reputation with its trendy, modern culture.  These colorful and vibrant umbrellas display the eternal true spirit of London; this same spirit that has, and always will, have my heart.


2013 Cellular Traditions Gulangyu Island Xiamen

Honorable Mention

2013 Cellular Tradition

J. Spencer Cadden



Roaming the back-streets of Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, I noticed a woman selling local fruits wearing a traditional golden Chinese hat. While purchasing fruit from her she pulled out her cell phone and began to text in Pinyin Chinese, which automatically translated to traditional text. Mixing traditional attire with modern technology.


La gondola venice Italy

Honorable Mention

2012 La gondola del progresso (The Gondola of Progress)

Julio Perez



In the calm, pristine water canals of Venice, Italy, a lone gondola heads towards the restoration project of the old Baroque-style cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute, representing the modern movement towards progress in a highly-pious region full of traditions and principles, effectively juxtaposing past and present in one image.