2015 International Photo Contest Winners

Theme - Experience Energy: Images that portray energy in its myriad cultural forms and expressions, as it defines a culture, sustains our lives, and powers a global environmental system.

Royal Guard Ceremony

First Place

The Royal Guard Ceremony

Jerry Cheng

Seoul, South Korea


Standing in the heart of South Korea, the force behind their explosive success is readily apparent: the determination and energy of its people. This symbolic ceremony that once protected the King takes place nearly every day, no matter the weather or temperature.


Energy of the Future boys on motorcycle

Second Place

Energy of the Future

Deema Majaj



This photo, taken in a northern village in Thailand, encompasses not one, but two forms of energy. One is used to drive the Thai people to do their daily tasks and the other is the driver for the future of the world.


Powerfully Powerless Brazil

Third Place

Powerfully Powerless

Colton Stowe

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Energy is what drives the world today and with millions of people living in this favela in Rio de Janeiro, a lack of sustainable energy can be detrimental. This photo shows what a difference light to dark can make.


Vibrant Wall Tijuana Mexico

People's Choice Award

The Vibrant Wall

Carolino Caro Macip

Tijuana, Mexico


This image reflects the identity of a vibrant city built on immigrants. It shows the Tijuana-San Diego border where local artists like to display art, and where Mexicans often go and visit their loved ones who live on the other side.


100% Renewable Costa Rica Volcano

Honorable Mention

100% Renewable

Emmanuela Napata

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica


With the pursuit of being 100% renewable energy, Costa Rica has began to invest in geothermal energy by using the power of the sun and the heat of the volcanoes within the country. This is an amazing feat and by 2020 they will be a 100% renewable energy country.


Walk Through Birkenau Poland

Honorable Mention

A Walk Through Birkenau

Taylor Brenis



Walking through Birkenau one can feel the energy of all those who have been there before. The struggles that the Jewish people went through can be sensed all around. This photo shows the tracks that transported people, crammed into cars like cattle, to the camps.