2018 International Photo Contest Winners

Theme - Experience Time:  An image from your international experience and a corresponding narrative that explore the fleeting nature of the moment or the passage of time, through people, ideas, landscapes or physical objects.

First Place

First Place

History Meets Innovation

Kevin Nordby (Kinesiology)

SDSU Exchange: University of Mannheim

Reutte, Austria


"As the medieval castle stronghold of the Austrian Alps crumbles in the background, the Highline 179 suspension bridge traverses the steep valley. The ancient castle, built over 800 years ago, has been pounded by frigid winters and enemy cannons over the years yet the bridge is still youthful. Only time will tell if its fate will be the same."


Second Place

Second Place

Transcending Time

Eitan Patek (International Business)

SDSU Exchange: Higher School of Economics (HSE)

Sergiev Possad, Russia


"Sergiev Possad, a sleepy little town a few hours north of Moscow, was one of my favorite day trips that I have made during my stay in Russia. It really is a step through a time machine, but modernity is slowly taking hold, as even monks fall pray to technology just like the rest of us."

Third Place

Third Place

Love and Loss

Danielle Ryan (Biology)

CES: History, Culture and Writing in Ireland

Burren, County Clare, Ireland


“Poulnabrone dolmen is a 6,000-year-old tomb, identified by its stark stone stature, planted among the grasses surrounding it. This tomb is more than the final resting place for over 33 people; it a string tying the past to the present. Caring for the dead is a bandage for the emotional pain caused by a loved one's passing. Time may heal all wounds, but the scars remain as a reminder to enjoy every moment.”

People's Choice

People's Choice Award

C'st La Vie

Dhari Alfawzan (Mechanical Engineering)

International student from Kuwait

Anchorage, Alaska, USA


“Hidden beneath all that snow that is carved by the winds of winter, is a bleeding glacier that is losing against the race of time. Seeing the scars of this majestic block of ice made me realize, that each one of us lives in this reality that we can't escape from. So all we can do is enjoy the time we have.”

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Lights for the Future

Hy Cao (Mechanical Engineering & Japanese)

SDSU Exchange: Rikkyo University

Hiroshima, Japan


“Candles strewn about with children’s drawings on the floor were a contrast to the silent solemn morning where I had silently stood among a crowd of thousands to pray and reflect on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The smiles of children and their families as they lit their candles in the sweltering evening reminded me that despite a difficult past, with time, Hiroshima has healed and the youth push forward toward a peaceful future.”

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Frozen in Time

Amanda Davis (Art-Graphic Design)

SDSU Exchange: Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


“This image was taken on the day I experienced my first snowfall in Scotland. As I watched Edinburgh turn into a winter wonderland, I could not help but realize how quickly my time abroad was passing by. I was reminded that I should not take any of it for granted, and to always be present in the moment. The peace and quiet allowed me to fully appreciate a scene that was nothing less than magical."